Mistress Luiza

Call me now to find out more about me and my desires.

  • Age: 30
  • Measurements: 38D
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 130
  • Ethnicity: American

Turn Me On If You Can

Do you want to find out what makes me tick? What makes me excited? What will make me take it all off? What will make me want you? If you do, and you want to see my body in all of its glory, then you need to be pretty adept at following orders. I will let you know exactly what I would like for you to do for me or to me. If you do not comply, there will be a price to pay. Those are my rules. If you can’t adhere to them, then you want to pick someone else for your date and playtime. If you can, then, well, Ill be your bondage queen.

If you are not afraid of what I have just told you, you will embark on one of the most fabulous times you have ever had in your life. All you need to do for pure pleasure is to be precise in how you perform according to my directions. This is a tricky endeavor, as I have several different actions I will be requiring from you. It is quite a challenge. If you do comply, I’ll be purring and blissfully happy…happy enough to share my joy with you. If you do not comply, then I will become distraught, and unfortunately for you, you will be the victim of my unhappiness.

I understand that this is a risk you need to think over. Men who are into dominant/submissive or bondage dating will already know what to expect….for the most part. I do have some surprises up my sleeve, so do not get too confident that you will be able to please me. You might not be able to. If you have not had the experience with dom/sub in the past, you are about to find out what it is all about with one of the best dominant women in the area. I have quite the clientele list, so make sure to book your session with me soon so you will be assured an appointment that works with your schedule.

  • If you need punishment, I'm the one to provide it.
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