Mistress Ivanka

Mistress Ivanka Is Wanting Some Fun

  • Age: 31
  • Measurements: 38c
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 133
  • Ethnicity: American

Sultry Sexy and Spicy

Welcome to my Las Vegas Dominatrix profile. I am pleased to have you visit. My name is Mistress Ivanka. Many people think I am of Russian decent because of my name, but that does not hold true.

I am available for sensual dates. I am a dominatrix, so if you are not interested in this type of get-together, I suggest moving on to one of my co-workers’ profiles. If you ARE into the dom-sub world, and you are a sub by nature, then a date with me is one you’ll definitely want to consider.

The kicker with a date with me is that you have the opportunity to continue our relationship into the future. I am a long-distance domination specialist, meaning, if you are visiting the area and are going to be returning to your hometown, I expect you will continue to correspond with me. We will meet using online sources, phone calls, letters, packages… Our long distance relationship will go a step further from the norm. I will continue to dominate our relationship, even while we are apart.

This may include demands for proof of your submissiveness to me…pictures, payments, correspondence, gifts…..and if you do not adhere to my wishes, there is always the possibility of me spilling the beans to others about our interlude. This may or not happen, depending on your wishes which we will set up during our first date together.

I will want to get together with you again in the future…so if you have no possible way of coming back to meet with me, again, I think it would be best that you move on to another profile. The subsequent meetings do not have to be within the next few months or even years….but there MUST be a possibility for further physical contact or our partnership will not work correctly.

If you want a whole new experience with a dominant woman, and you wish for your relationship to continue on after the initial get together, then a call to me to set up our first date is in order. I am excitedly awaiting your phone call or email to start the process in what can be a fulfilling relationship for both of us.

  • I enjoy long-distance domination with my clients.
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